“Geri is great to work with. She is very thorough in her scrutiny of candidates and makes sure she is presenting only candidates who are right for a position and will be a cultural fit. She is highly professional, always timely in her follow up and overall a pleasure to work with.”

~VP of Marketing

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    Why work with us? 

    Human Capital will continue to be the single most important factor in business success!  Mistakes in hiring incur huge costs in revenue, relationships, goals and momentum.  These issues make your choice about your Search Partner more critical than ever before. 

    • We partner with our Clients to create, customize and manage comprehensive recruiting strategies to meet your goals.
    • More than 70% of our Clients have come from referrals 95% of the Engaged Searches we have taken on in the past 5 years have resulted in a very successful placement.
    • 42% of the people placed in the past 5 years have been Diversity candidates.
    • 98% of those people placed are in that position or a higher role within the same organization 1 year later.


    We are a boutique "client focused" firm -  this means we can be flexible, very nimble and highly responsive in terms of workingwith each client to operate around their unique individual needs and expectations on any given search.  We take the time ro really understand what type of expertise the company needs, understand the chemistry and culture of the workplace, the company’s objectives and goals, all in order to perfect the employee-company match.  Each of our candidate’s is very well qualified and have a strong interest in the job they are interviewing for.  

    We have an uncompromising commitment to help our client organizations grow and realize long-term goals by identifying, evaluating, and hiring the right talent. We have been able to exceed our clients’ expectations because we utilize a well developed, proprietary process driven by thorough, evidence based recruiting.